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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And my part is...

So the part I got in the play is Luce's woman. Now when I told everyone they thought I said I was going to be a loose woman. haha very funny. One of the characters names is Sir Luce, he's a knight. And I am playing his lady. I named myself Lady Charlotte. And so far, I have one line, but that could change. We haven't even gotten the scripts yet, so I can't wait to see it. The music is hilarious. And the dancing, I can't wait for that either. We have learned part of the Spanish Panic (what a great name eh?) and we are supposed to learn the rest of it tomorrow night.

For those of you who want to read a little bit more about the play here is a good link:

I forgot to post some pictures from the fall production. It was a great success! everyone loved it, and we sold out all our shows. (although I think with me having all my family and friends there that helped sell tickets, haha)

This is a photo of Me(on left in case you can't tell), Kathrine, Cheryl, and in front Cathy.

Cathy and I played sisters, who had a school for orphaned girls (Katherine and Cheryl) and we took them on our USO tour. The play was set in 1944. Aren't we funny?

This picture is of us again, but this was for our big number. We sang "tico, tico" in the style of Carmen Miranda. Those fruit hats were heavy!!! But man we had a great time. I love to be on stage.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Great Party Livia!

Well I just got back from Livia's 5th Birthday party. Man it was loud, but fun! I think there was 11 kids there. And mom and dad too. It was a disco theme so I dressed up in the old green top and bell bottoms that mom has had for years. the ones from frenchy's. I think steph got some pictures, so I will post it, if its not too embarasing!!

Granny is in the hospital. She's been there since Jan 21. I am going to visit her tomorrow morning.

I auditioned for the spring play. We are doing "once upon a mattress"
I don't know if I got a part yet or not. They have handed out the major roles, so I didn't get one of those. But that is ok. There are some really talented people this year. Alot of young university students too. It should be fun.

Well I better go. I am typing this on Ben's laptop(Joanna's boyfriend)
We are going to play pool tonight, haven't done that in a while.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007!

Well it's 2007, can't believe it. I got some good pictures to post. I know it's been quite a while, hope you enjoy them. I will post more on my yahoo photo site so that the family can see the pictures of the girls.

Introducing, Chester, The crazy kitten

This is an old picture now, she's even bigger. Well longer, she's still very small boned. Hopefully she calms down some for mom and dad.

Here is a funny picture of me from Halloween. I was a flapper girl. I have an even funnier one of Livia and me, we both have wigs on it's so funny!

Well this is all I have time for now. I will send off my links for the Yahoo photos now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a great Turkey

Well another Thanksgiving has come and went. Had a great meal at Merle and Steph's house sunday afternoon. I ate so much I am still stuffed!! And I went over again last night to eat leftovers.

Livia came over to my place saturday. I took her out to lunch first. We ate at Mancho Wok in the mall. Then we went to see Open season. It was pretty funny. It was a little long though, they could have cut alot of the first 45 minutes out I think. but we laughed alot. Then Livia helped me make supper. We had donairs. Then she helped me make a cheese ball for sunday. She really liked doing that. She enjoyed licking her fingers clean after having them in a bowl of cream cheese.

Then we played dress up. We put on some wigs and I took our picture. Hope they turn out. I have to get them developed.

Then it was bath time and off to bed we went. When she woke up in the morning I asked her if she slept good and she goes "no, cause of my head infection". We think this means she's got a sinus cold or something. it's just kinda funny she will go "my head infecting is acting up"
poor livia.

Merle heads off to Ottawa tomorrow. I am so jealous. He gets to see the war museum and robbie , bobbie and the girls. I had a nice talk on the phone with Piper last night though, so that was nice.

well I better get back to work

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Ok so Sarah Harmer was awesome, Sloan was awesome, and Petunia was awesome. It was a great weekend all around. The best part of the sloan concert was I was right at the front with all the little girlies. It was funny, I felt a little old, but hey it was worth it. Especially when Jay looked at me, and smiled, ahhhhh. He's such a cutie!!
I bought a t-shirt, it's pretty nice and it was only 20$ which is quite cheap considering some of the other concerts I have been to they were alot more.
Petunia saturday night was great, but also sad as it was his last show for a while. Andrea loves petunia, but I have to admit that I enjoy his back up band. :) We danced around and had fun, and I think everyone there had a good time, if not from the band, then seeing some drunken girls twirl around. haha. And if a cute drummer smiled at me and made my heart do thump thump, then that is good too, haha.

So monday night was my first dance class. They named the class "the swing chicks" but there is nothing swing about it. It's all ladies and it's step and tap dancing. but that is fine, except now I have to buy tap shoes. I always wanted to learn tap dancing. It was alot of fun, so now I have something to look forward to on monday nights!!!

I had supper at Merle's last night. After supper I took Livia with me to wash our hands (she was stealing food from my plate so her hands were sticky). well we get upstairs to the washroom and I am washing my hands and Livia is sanding beside me telling me a story about "one time, a different day, I fell in the toilet..." and she's going on, and I happen to look over at her, and she's standing there with her panties around her ankles. (she didn't feel like wearing pants today so they weren't there)
anyhow I go "Livia, why are your panties around your ankles?"
and she goes "I have to pee" (looking at me like I was stupid)
then I hear some giggles and then uncontrolable laughter from the next room where steph was changing Julia. It's just funny that she just stood there talking to be, without getting on the toilet, which she can do on her own. I found it quite funny

Saturday is Livia's first dance class, she's taking ballet
she's very excited. she showed me her new shoes and outfit.
Then we get to party with the family, woo hoo
can't wait!!!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I got a part!!!

I got a part in the play!!! Woo Hoo!!
I am so excited. My name is Tessie, and I am a performer in the USO with my sister Jessie and our 2 proteges, gwen and lulu. Doesn't that sound great?? I get to sing 2 songs with this group, Don't sit under the apple tree and tico tico. (As you can probably tell, it takes place during world war 2.) I even get to dress up as Carmen Miranda, won't that be fun???

So the show is Dec 14, 15, 16. I can't wait!!!

Tomorrow night I get to see Sarah Harmer, then Friday night I get to see Sloan, talk about a busy week. Two concerts in one week. I am so excited to see Sloan, I guess I saw them last september when they were here last, oh yeah and in April in Halifax for the Junos. Maybe I will get to talk to Jay again, wouldn't that be something??

Well gotta go

Monday, September 11, 2006

Audition time again

This saturday is audition day. I still haven't decided what I am going to sing. This fall's musical is set during world war 2 so it's got some great music in it. Should be a blast and I can't wait, but I get so nervous auditioning!! oh well

This week is going to be crazy too, it's harvest jazz and blues festival week. I volunteered to be a bar server friday night, and now I am a little nervous about that. I was thinking they would only sell beer and coolers, but no, I have to mix drinks, and they are watching you like a hawk, so I better be fast, not spill anything, or make any mistakes. oh well should be fun. I figured it would be another way to meet people right?
Saturday night Nicole and I are going to see Metric and Wintersleep at UNB. So two nights in a row of hours on my feet. I will survive..I hope.

Today is Merle and Steph's 8 year anniversary. I can't believe it's been 8 years. Time flies like crazy these days.

Didn't win at the dart tournament this year, but I had a blast. It was the most people they had in 18 years!! there were 47 teams. Mom almost won again, her team did really well. Jerry and his partner got a 3rd place trophy so that was pretty cool. I didn't get home til 5:30am so I was a write off last monday. but hey, it's only once a year and I had such a great time.

Well I better get back to work. Not much going on right now so I thought I would take a break.